Los Angeles 2016 Community Award Winners

GreenFestivals Award 2014 CommunityAward 300


LA Judges:

Lisa Garr - Author of “Becoming Aware & Host of The Aware Show on KPFK Radio

Gina M. Salvati - Editor in Chief/Publisher of Whole Life Times

Ryan Foland - Managing Partner at www.InfluenceTree.com


1st Place Winner: Have A Heart Ranch Animal Rescue Foundation

Have A Heart Ranch Animal Rescue Foundation - Have A Heart Ranch Animal Sanctuary is home to over 100 rescued animals, the majority of which were saved from factory farms, pulled from trucks which were en route to slaughter houses and spared from situations where the animals were unwanted, neglected or badly abused. The sanctuary is a place of healing, where the animals learn to trust again. Their rehabilitation continues as they eventually become part of therapy programs which are offered at no cost to veterans, people battling life-threatening illnesses and children with special needs, autism and/or disabilities. http://www.haveaheartranch.com/


                           Photo Credit: Shannon M West Photography

Congratulations to our LA Finalists!

Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance - Do you know your neighbors well enough to knock on their door and ask for the proverbial “cup of sugar”? Do you wish there was more you could do to reduce carbon pollution and conserve resources for the sake of your children or future generations? In an emergency, would your neighbors know what to do to help you Would you know how to help them? Would you like to make your neighborhood safer and more livable? Cool Blocks LA uses a proven neighbor-to-neighbor model that has helped thousands of people make their neighborhoods safer and healthier, prepare for disasters, save money, and lighten their environmental impact. http://ncsa.nationbuilder.com/

Westside Food Bank - Westside Food Bank is seeking funding to double the number of garden beds at its Heroes Garden for veterans, located at the West Los Angeles Veterans Administration campus. The Heroes Garden provides fresh produce to veterans living or receiving services at the VA, many of whom were formerly homeless. Veterans also plant, care for and harvest the food, providing therapeutic connection to nature and healing for those who may have experienced trauma. A Community Award Grant would provide supplies and water saving drip irrigation for 24 additional garden beds. http://www.westsidefoodbankca.org/

The Bay Foundation - The goal of Clean Bay Certified (CBC) is to improve Santa Monica Bay water quality by reducing its most significant source of pollution - stormwater and urban runoff - as well as other waste generated by restaurants. Community Award funding will be used to support action-oriented outreach initiatives including an environmental training program and the creation of a Clean Bay Toolkit for restaurants. The Toolkit includes a low-flow faucet aerator, storm drain label stencil kit, educational signage, an emergency oil spill kit, and more. This funding will save approximately 464,000 gallons of water from 100 restaurants, every day. http://www.santamonicabay.org/

Ourfoods - Our goal is to implement a Nano Farm (small aquaponics system) in an LAUSD school and maintain it for one-year. We believe that urban agriculture is about growing food, but also planting the seed for a more resilient, brighter, scalable future. Our integrated environmental educational approach to education and urban ag open doors to a vast array of critical skills, beyond STEM. Food is an ancillary by product of what we do. At the core we are providing the essential tool kit to be successful in farming 2.0. There is also a grounding experience that affects anyone involved. In the end of the day it is all about health, of individuals of community and of planet. http://www.ourfoods.org/